Traces of Memory the film "Nothing can help you or hurt you as much as the thoughts you carry in your own head."

"This film makes me feel like I'm standing inside the mind of my patients."    - Dr. Lynda Chassler, Psychologist, PhD

"Intriguing. Completely held my interest."     - Dr. Ben D. Gellman, Psychologist, PhD

A MARAY & FRIENDS Production



Screenplay and Directed by JODY JARESS

10 Festivals


continue... by Maray Ayres

"This easily could have been a Chain-Saw-Massacre type situation." he said. "Considering when we arrived we found a crazed looking woman wielding a knife, a pervert hiding in the bushes, and an old pickup truck speeding onto the scene with someone jumping out of the back heading towards us... we were pretty serious about keeping in control."

Apologies made, then Jody retrieved Hal and myself from the cars and off we went to finish the shot... and in a hurry too considering the sun light!

Mostly for the remainder of the day, I walked around in a dream state and disbelief. Rather quiet and calm. Jody told me that I was in shock and didn't realize it. And I didn't.

We got the shots that were necessary and drove back to Los Angeles and home where I had a really a good night's rest. Of course the next day when I heard and saw a Sheriff's car with lights flashing on TV, it sent me into hysterics. I immediately called Jody! She explained some of the emotions I would probably experience as time goes on. I will never ever be able to see a Sheriff's car with flashing lights and not feel uncomfortable or remember that day. I'm able to laugh about it now. In fact we all have a good chuckle about it now and then and the adrenaline felt that morning. Unfortunately, it was around that time the news reported a woman who had been wielding a knife and wouldn't drop it when ordered to do so, and wa shot and killed. That could have been me....

This story continues. Jody and her editor(s) went to work again re-editing, and pulling music and titles into this little short that's probably taken the longest time in history to complete! I had to take a year off from this adventure due to my husband's health, and we moved into a new home after selling ours. Then my director, Jody was in an accident and unable to work for a few months. There also was quite a shocker thrown at us which knocked our film's original completed version out of commission for quite awhile also, but that was the best decision to make under the circumstances.

We resumed working and now over 2 years later.. we are ready (again) to submit TRACES OF MEMORY and join the festival circuit.

I know most people would have given up, but we didn't. Regardless of what happens next... we completed what we started out to do: make a short film and share it with movie buffs through film festivals. So watch for notices as to when and where you can see our odd, intriquing, powerful psycho-drama of a film, TRACES OF MEMORY.

THANK YOU.... see you there....

"Nothing can help you or hurt you as much as the thoughts you carry in your head."-Zen Buddhism